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Training as a precision mechanic for tool making

Job Description:

A precision mechanic in the field of tool making is responsible for processing complex metal components for machining tools with the help of CNC and conventional machinery.


3,5 years

Recommended educational level:

High School

Your tasks:

Did you know, that not a single machine in an industrial production hall would be able to run without your help? Thanks to you, the machinery has got what it needs – because you are in charge of making small and even big components out of metal, like blowing tool parts with slides and cylinders.


In order to get you started, you first get your instructions and evaluate the engineering drawings that come with it. Those drawings will show you how the finished product has to look like and are your guideline for planning out the production process and choosing the right tools. You can choose from a variety of conventional and CNC machineries.
After choosing either a milling, turning, grinding, drilling or eroding machine, you type in your operating program and position the tools in the machine as well as put in the right speed. Or, you simply manufacture the metal by hand, for example by cutting threads with a tab drill and a die.


Every part you make will be taken under precise quality checks before it gets processed any further. With the use of micrometers and calipers you will check if the measurements are precise within a hundredth of a millimeter. If small deviations occur, you can correct them by hand. In case the part is still not perfect, a tool might have to be switched or the speed needs to be changed until the product matches the engineering drawing. Next time you sure will get it right and pass the quality check.

Final assembly

After manufacturing all the different parts, they will get assembled to the final product.

Your skills:

  • secondary educational lever
  • great interest in technology
  • crafting skills
  • great interest in machinery and computers
  • the ability to work in a team

We offer:

  • a motivated team
  • career opportunities (e.g. precision mechanic)
  • a forward-looking company
  • modern machinery and technology

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